Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The 2013-2014 NC Campus Compact VISTA Host Site Application is now available for download. The application deadline is Feb. 22.

What do NC Campus Compact VISTAs do?
AmeriCorps VISTA members serve full-time for one year to develop or expand programs that fight poverty. NC Campus Compact VISTAs will build a campus/community partnership designed to fight poverty by meeting community needs in one of three priority areas: 

  • Economic Opportunity
  • Education
  • Healthy Futures/ Food Security

Rather than performing direct service with clients, VISTAs undertake capacity-building activities such as: recruiting or training volunteers, writing grants and soliciting donations, creating publicity and outreach materials, conducting needs assessments or creating sustainable systems and structures.

Who can host an NC Campus Compact VISTA?
Member campuses are invited to host a VISTA in partnership with a community-based organization. Community-based organizations are also invited to host a VISTA with a member campus partner. 

Traditionally, our VISTAs serve in an office of community engagement or center for service-learning, and we support this model. But we also encourage Campus Compact liaisons to share this opportunity with other university-based departments or programs OR with key community partners who might be interested in hosting a VISTA.

If your organization currently hosts a VISTA, you can continue the same project and partnership, but you must re-apply. (You will have the option to omit some sections of the proposal.)

What is the cost to host an NC Campus Compact VISTA?
Approved host sites must pay an administrative fee of $3000 (in the first 3 years of VISTA hosting) or $6000 (in host year 4 and beyond) to NC Campus Compact by July 1, 2012. The Corporation for National and Community Service provides VISTA members with a living stipend, health benefits, and an educational award upon completion of the year of service.

Host sites must also provide supervision, office space, computer and phone access, and a small budget for work-related travel and transportation. Sites are also encouraged to provide meal or housing assistance, though such support is not required.

How can I learn more?
NC Campus Compact will conduct 2 Technical Assistance sessions for potential applicants on 1/23 at 10 AM and 1/29 at 1 PM. The sessions will be conference call/webinar format.

You will find links to application materials and more information on our VISTA Host Site page here.

Please contact Chad Fogleman via email or phone (336-278-7197) to discuss any questions related to your proposal. And be sure to review other VISTA View blog posts to see examples of VISTA work throughout the state!